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Level 1DaggerSwordChill TouchVentriloquate
WhipScrollsDetect Magic
Level 2Torment Spirit
Level 3Detect InvisGhoulish Numbing
Level 4Invis
Level 5Armor of Living Bone
Level 6Faerie Fire
Level 7Meditation
Level 8Reanimate
Level 9HaggleInfravision
Level 10Sleep
Level 11Weaken
Level 12Blindness
Level 13Teleport
Level 14ParryTranceDispel Magic
Level 15Fast HealingIdentifyGravesight
Level 16Corpse Thrall
Level 17Faerie FogPoison
Level 18CancellationCurse
Level 19EmbalmEnergy Drain
Level 20Hand to HandLashLesser Golem
Level 23Crimson Scourge
Level 24Wraithform
Level 25Second AttackAnimate Dead
Level 26Disruption
Level 27Repel UndeadSummonGraft
Level 28Vampiric Touch
Level 29Wall of Putrid Flesh
Level 30Control Undead
Level 31Mystical Armor Use
Level 32Word of Recall
Level 33Greater Undead
Level 34Bone Armor Use
Level 35ForgetNether Protection
Level 36Invis to Undead
Level 38Speak with Dead
Level 39Power Word Decay
Level 40Power Word Kill
Level 41Manifest Shadow

Necromancers cannot advance beyond Level 47 without becoming part of the Undeath they study. This process is exceedingly dangerous, and can often end those characters who attempt it. However, if you should succeed, the rewards are great as well. Undead necromancers gain additional powers, extended life, and their undead forms are resistant or immune to many forms of attack.

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