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Here are some general directions to low level areas:

Aldevari:        East out of the East Gate of Galadon, pass the first Eastern
                 Crossroads, proceed east down the Eastern Road.  Look for a
                 Large Crossroads; just past that to the east will be a sign
                 directing you north to Aldevari.  Look for Sutton the Reeve,
                 he may have work for you.
Caravans of the Jhaana:  From the Center of Seantryn Plaza, travel five 
                 paces east to Copperhead Road.  Take three paces south,
                 then travel east along Windflower Road.  Continue east,
                 traveling outside of Seantryn Modan.  A small trail off of
                 the main road will guide you to the caravans.
Copeham Inn:     Two west then south of the Eastern gate of Galadon.  Fhragnar
                 the innkeeper will probably be very happy to see you.
Goblin Village:  Go all the way south out of the South Gate in Galadon until
                 you reach the edge of the Rocky Cliffs.  From there continue
                 east and south several steps, until you spot a poorly
                 concealed trail leading east, and follow that right to the
                 village.  Watch out for goblins along the way!
Graveyard:       Go through the gate on Holy Road (NW part of Galadon).
Inn of the Eternal Star:  Go all the way out the north gate of Galadon, then
                 west, north until you reach the Crossroads, then east and
                 take the first south.  This is a place to go to relax and
                 perhaps hear a story, and it is for people of all ranks.
Kobold Warrens:  Proceed out the northwest gate of Galadon (or just go
                 north around the outskirts from the west gate until just
                 outside the NW gate).  Go west into the forest and take
                 the first north.
Loch Grynmear:   From the Voralian City, head east down Silverpine Road
                 until it ends.  Go east, and look for a path that leads up
                 into the surrounding wooded hills.
Lumber Yard:     Two south from the Large Intersection in Galadon, then east.
The Seaport of Hamsah Mu'tazz: Head straight east of the Southern Market Square
                 of Hamsah Mu'tazz, about eleven paces.
Troglodyte Caverns:  Straight south from Udgaard's south gate.
Plains of Udgaard: Due east from Udgaard's east gate, or out the south gate of
                 Hillcrest, south along the Plateau Road and through the
Vale of Arendyl: All the way north out the North Gate of Galadon, turn west
                 then north again at the North Sutherspring Crossroads, then
                 continue 24 steps north on the North Road.  Three steps west
                 then fifteen north will take you to a spot overlooking the
                 Vale.  Be wary of the falcons flying overhead, they're hungry.
V'Dramir's Cove: From Arkham's Town Square, head north along Dragon Road.  A
                 short distance north of town, look for a path heading west.

Consult your MAPS if you get lost; these are just a few of the areas for
you to go to.  In addition to these areas, there are low level things to
kill in most of the cities. 

Galadon and Voralian City, two of the largest towns in Thera, have detailed 
directions in the helpfiles '<city> general directions' and '<city> guild 
directions' which you may find is a useful supplement to your maps.

These AREAS are examples pulled from the list generated by using the command 
'areas 1 5'.  As you get stronger, you could use the command 'areas 5 10'
to show a list of more advanced areas to seek out.


For more info on basic commands you can use: HELP NEWBIE1 
For more info on interacting with others:    HELP NEWBIE2