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Two of the best commands in the game are 'who' and 'where'.  You should read 
the helpfile for each one because you will be using them all the time looking 
for people to 'group' with or 'murder'.

Before you leave the Academy, you should take some time to learn 
about how 'experience' affects you and what happens when (and I
mean *when*) you die and become a 'ghost'. It is better to know
ahead of time what you are going to need to do when a fight does
not go your way. You should also make sure you have a 'description'.

While you must always be 'roleplaying', before you reach level 11
you are going to want to know the 'laws' and how 'playerkilling'
works in Thera. Studying up on how you can 'target' may save your
life. Learning how to fight can be hard, so use these 'tips'.

You will find that to survive here requires some forethought on your
part.  Just like real life (RL), 'hunger' and 'thirst' are a priority,
especially when you are just getting started. Buy some food and water
in the Academy Shop.  Make sure you practice your skills before you go
on to the rest of the Academy or the world.

*) 'CONSIDER' ('con') everything before attacking.
*) Take advantage of the "newbie shortcut" to Galadon:
   When you 'recall', you can go down to get to the Academy.
   Going down again will take you to one of the Temples of Galadon.
*) Use the OUTFIT command to reequip after dying an untimely death.
*) Travel in a group when possible.  Use the 'who newbie' command to
   find potential companions.


For more info on basic commands you can use:  HELP NEWBIE1 
For more info on where newbies can explore:   HELP NEWBIE3