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                   THE CULT OF THE SCARAB

The dogma of the Cult is founded on the truth that all men, at their core, 
the same: every man casts the same shadow; every man has the same dark 
as any other.  Mastery of one's World begins with discovery of one's Self. 
Morality, compassion, empathy, and other chains that the hypocrites of the 
seek to use to enslave the Spirit of their fellow man must be broken so that 
heart may be free to enact its Will.  Only then can mortal man reach
his full potential and live in Truth.

Followers of the Cult must understand:

   - The followers of 'Light' are blinded by the fog of illusion that 
     descends upon the weak, who use morality like blinders to keep
     from seeing themselves.  We must burn away that fog to keep the
     profane from enslaving the world.

   - Let your Will be done.  The weak of Mind and Spirit must be cut
     from the body of mankind lest they spread like a cancer, stifling
     the natural evolution of the enlightened.  Discover your Will and
     follow it without fear.

   - No desire of the Will is too base; our primal lusts are a gift.
     But the unexamined life, one that kills or plunders merely out of
     habit or social pressure is lost again in the fog of illusion.
Those that seek entrance into the Cult should seek one of the Cult's mortal
Elders: the Voice of the Scarab, the Eye, or the Flame.

With the passing Ages and decline of purity in Thera, the Cabal reverted to 
small Cult of devout practitioners.