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Time and time again, history has provided the tales of people striving for
absolute good over evil, and order over chaos in an effort to create a per-
fect Thera.  Yet contrary to perfection, followers of Daphedee understand the
world's beauty lives within a society that allows for, and even celebrates
fallibility.  Such individuals know their strength lies within the short-
comings, faults and mistakes - and that staying true to oneself is the only
way to be successful in achieving their goals.

They are wrought by the physical, habitual, addictive or emotional toils
thrown at them in life, giving them a sometimes skewed vision of the world.
They find beauty in the nightmares and scars, in the drunk and emotionally
broken, in the visionary with poor vision, in victory when the odds are
stacked.  Found in all walks of life, those who seek Daphedee recognize
and applaud these traits in others, for they are often a reflection of
themselves.  Because of this, they are known to call attention to not only
their own faults, but those in others as well.

Followers of Daphedee are often found pursuing (or being pursued by) trouble
and the troubled all over Thera; whether while leading the charge in Thera's
traditional wars in the most untraditional ways, or keeping the shunned and
downtrodden from being swept under the rug.  Every individual's unique
imperfections are the core of who they are, and shape the path their lives
will take.  They have no desire to fix the faults they uncover, but rather
revel in them.  To live any other way would be a failure.

Followers seeking the attention of Daphedee find her most receptive to those
falling under the spheres of Beauty, Honesty and Victory.  Shamans who wish
to commune with her will find power in the paths of Revelation, Anarchy, and

Though her 'resting place' can be found near an unusual grove in the desert,
she is also rumored to haunt places in Thera dear to her past.