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EMNON (3551)

Festering for ages, a petulant and dark force has been unleashed from its
bindings. Rapacious like a swarm of locusts consuming everything in their
furrow, this abomination of antiquity looks to desecrate all life unwilling
to cast its frailties aside and serve him.

Emnon the Unspoken One detests both life and flesh. An aversion in his undead
eyes that needs culled from existence, its languor prone to acts of compassion
and mercy, vices predominantly exhibited by the light. It is because of this
iniquity that all mortals are born into slavery, nothing more nothing less.

There are few who realize this vitiating state of being and their greed and
penchant strive for far more. They recognize the various bondages of mortality
and understand the only ingress is the Unspoken One. These vassals leave no
stone unturned in their pursuit of death, all the while pocketing the stones
for themselves. They are the misers that ravenously horde their earthly trinkets
in every nook and cranny, rising in positions of authority, and accumulating 
slaves of their own. At the same time, they are conscious it is short-lived by
the constraints of life. It is these men and women whom swear servitude to the 
Unspoken One in exchange for their legacy and all their possessions to follow
them in to death. For they, and their riches amassed, are his regardless.

The Unspoken One favors those who delve in the black arts as their dabblings in
negative energies empower him and they are favored more so than the rest of his
vassals. Those also whom have perfected their craft to the extent that death
stains their hands with relentless remorse and their influence stirs angst among
the living may serve him. Due to the betrayal of his high-priests, the Unspoken
One has a merciless contempt for all divine. Healers and Druids, being closely
tied to life and nature, deserve nothing more than a swift death. Those of the
Shaman guild are tolerated to an extent, however are subjugated as the lowliest
of slaves, their plight of acceptance left only to noteworthy followers. Mortals
deeply enfeebled by light and mercy, especially those of the Paladin guild, will
find a fate far worse than death if compelled to approach him. Finally, those
rooted in chaos, dredge up animosities of an untamed day and age. Such feral 
instincts remind him of lowly dogs of old, useful only after a thrashing by the
master's whip and broken into submission. However, the Unspoken One knows those
born of tumult are resourceful in their ways, and capable to trove treasures for
him in ways even the most acute mind could possibly conceive.

Slaves of the Unspoken One are born under the spheres of Death, Necromancy, and
Greed. Those who wish to declare their enslavement and bequeathment to him will
find him where the sands are stained with blood of life long since passed.

Be warned...All mortals may know his name, however only the vassals held in the
highest of regards are ever permitted to speak it....