Carrion Fields

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Travelers' tales have long spoken of a brigade of duergar soldiers who were
deployed to charge into the most heavily fortified of the Underdark's tunnels.
Displaying uncharacteristic courage, these duergar were sworn to the pure and
savage honesty of combat, and measured themselves by the sheer horror they
could survive.  They wore the heaviest plate armor they could carry, and
learned every inch of its surface for how much force it could endure.  Even
the dwarves they fought were unable to hurt them, as the duergar would turn
the thickest portion of their heavy armor into every blow, making superior
use of it.  The dwarves called their unique style the Gates of the Forge, in
memory of the location of the only battle where they could muster the fury to
finally break through their armor and hand them their defeat.

The maximum damage reduction this legacy can provide is 25%.