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At the heart of a true hero there is a spark to partake in the greatest 
adventures life has to offer.  To push the body to its limits and accomplish 
great challenges. Those willing to accept the challenge and lead the charge 
shall find greater virtue on the path to glory. 

Korsgaard, the Lord of Pathfinders, is the patron of Thera's greatest heroes. 
He is one that admires the journey towards nearly impossible challenges, 
whether they be legendary beast or infamous tyrant, and the strength that  
emerges in success and failure. Those that display courage, honor, and 
strength are granted the holy power of Korsgaard.  These brave Pathfinders 
are always first leading a charge into the unknown.  They are the shepherds, 
and never the sheep.  They are easy to forgive and will motivate others with 
inspirational words and noble actions. Those that endure, succeed, and 
refrain from dishonorable actions on their journey, shall join Korsgaard in 
the eternal halls of champions. 

Those that seek to become a Pathfinder and earn the holy mark of Korsgaard 
will first seek a shrine where the land ends and gain audience with the Lord. 
Evil- doers and those who call upon the aid of pets or mercenaries should not 
waste their time seeking the Lord, for they will not ever get his attention.  
A true Pathfinder does not call minions to do their bidding, and instead 
overcome their obstacles with superior focus and leadership.  They prefer to 
carry other heroes to victory. 

Lord Korsgaard empowers his followers building up to great challenges, where 
followers can select a challenge on their own, knowing that aiming below 
their means will insult their Lord. Korsgaard is known to select only the 
most daunting of tasks, but victory almost always comes with the holy mark. 

With a lifetime of preparation, and once the final title of their guild is 
reached, heroes will attempt to conquer their greatest challenges.  As a Hero 
of Thera, they will treat others with integrity and respect. Any who decides 
to walk the path of Honor shall be held to a much higher standard than those 
who carry the banner of Strength or Courage. Honor demands a mental and moral 
strength above all others. 

Pathfinder shaman may find the blessings of Divine anger, Life's Champion, 
Archon's choir, Vengeance, and Revelations through Lord Korsgaard.