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Goblins are trained up from whelps into an inelegant and sneaky form of warfare
encompassed by the title of 'Raider'.  As the smaller cousins of Orcs, their
battle techniques are crude and brute force in nature, but without the Orcish
size and strength.  Instead, Raiders are just as likely to knee an opponent in
the groin and disappear into the shadows as descend upon hapless victims riding
Wargs or Giant Spiders.  An unrefined mix of Berserker and Thief, the Raider is
limited to advancement of 40th rank of training, after which no further progress
is possible.

Raiders are loosely affiliated with Orc Clans, but need not be.  Those that are
part of a Clan benefit from their natural alliance with Orcs and related races;
those that are independent of a Clan are free to seek relationships with other
organizations entirely.

Alignment  : Neutral / Evil
Ethos      : Neutral / Chaotic
Prime Stat : Dexterity
Empowerment: No
Races      : Goblin