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Those who bear the mark of the Hammer and Anvil are apprentices of the

Before the blazing, cherry-coal red fire is a craftsman who fabricates objects
out of metal.  Such a blacksmith will take a raw shaft of immutable metal,
place it through the searing heat of the forge and smelt the metal, eventually
heating it into a suppleness from which it can be molded.  Between a simple
hammer and a massive anvil, this smith will shape and sharpen the metal,
bending it to his own will.  The resulting object, more often then not, is
unique and Pure, Strong and beautiful, molded with the determination and skill
of the blacksmith.

The Noldarian Smiths believe that all things begin raw, weak and unformed.
Life, like the forge, is a process that cannot give way to weariness or
fatigue.  A man is made through the trials of life, a great man through the
tragedy.  Beginning with themselves, these smiths see existence as a process
of artisanship, crafting themselves through fiery temperament and cool

The Noldarian have ultimate faith in the spheres of Fire, Purity, and Strength.
These spheres represent the life of a Noldarian smith. They are not hesitant
to take another being and smelt him, reforging this being into their image.
The trials of a smith are demanding, always capable of breaking the being and
their beliefs; therefore, these smiths are steadfast in their duties as shapers
of perfection.  The Noldar believe that ultimately this perfection, found
through the forge, will be captured in the inevitable quenching of death.

Seek the Song of the Hammer where mountains are unreachable and dwarven heritage