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Entropy strives to bring Thera to its natural state of disorder -- free from 
civilization, which is inherently dedicated to the manipulation of its 
members. Freedom is sacred to the Entropists, who are often referred to as 
Chaos Mages or Barons of Chaos. 

To these free spirits, organized society, law, and order are meaningless 
constructs that force others to act against their better judgments and 
instincts. Entropists wage war on rules and societal mores, and act according 
to their own desires. A Baron of Chaos recognizes no authority besides 
himself or herself and the gods. 

In recognizing that order is futile and life is inherently unpredictable, 
Entropists embrace Chaos and randomness as means to achieve their goals and 
fulfill their desires. Within the maelstrom of Chaos swirls beauty and 
horror -- what we cherish above all and what we fear the most. 

A common misconception is that Barons of Chaos are typically insane or 
idiotic. This cannot be further from the truth. Outsiders may not be able 
to make sense of the randomness and disorder that they embrace, but at heart, 
Barons of Chaos are anarchists and philosophers who seek to hasten the 
collapse of the orderly systems that their fellow mortals have so arrogantly 

Currently, Entropy accepts only chaotic anti-paladins, invokers, necromancers, 
shapeshifters, and transmuters. Conjurers are not allowed, as binding 
any creature into servitude is anathema to the Barons of Chaos. 

For philosophical reasons, the Barons of Chaos recognize no mortal leaders. 
To apply, pledge to the cabal guardian and pray to the gods of Entropy or 
find the mortal recruiter, if one happens to exist.

Entropy currently has access to the following powers: 

Level 20 - disperse 
Level 28 - randomizer 
Level 38 - improbability tunnel 
Level 40 - garble