Carrion Fields


High within their mountain kingdoms or strongholds, the dwarves of this realm are known for their hard working nature, as well as their strength on the battlefield. Often miners or blacksmiths, the lifestyle of the dwarves is one that has granted them a fortitude unmatched throughout the realm, allowing for greater resistance to the common poisons and diseases of man. In addition, the will and spirit of the dwarves is something revered by priests and soldiers alike, the intensity of their hearts so fierce that entering a berserking rage is done with ease. Ever prideful, dwarves will generally hold honor in a high regard, their strength, ability and words an extension that most prefer not to have questioned. With this, many have whispered that a dwarven oath carries the weight to begin and end wars. So fierce is their loyalty towards others of their race and those lucky enough to be called friends, that it is often said with grim seriousness that it is far more deadly to kill a friend of a dwarf than it is to assault the dwarf directly. Such is the depth of their pride that any dwarves who stray to the cruel or darker paths of man are frowned upon.

Civilized dwarves will average near 4' in height, though they are remarkably stocky, the density of their bodies so incredible that travelling underwater is nearly impossible. Due to this, they have developed a heightened fear of drowning, the mental duress experienced when encountering water so great that it wracks their bodies with immense pain. Dwarves tend to have dark, ruddy complexions, while the pride they show in their beards is known far and wide. They are especially hardy, tiring only after marches that would have exhausted a softer race, and they are especially adept at moving quickly and efficiently through hilly or mountainous terrain.

Dwarf Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Dwarves suffer from Hydrophobia and have difficulty diving underwater.

Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 250

Dwarves may become Warriors, Paladins, Shamans, and Healers.

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