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The Felar (FEE-lar) are a race created by magic from the great cats. For long years in their past, the Felar were enslaved by wizards to serve as familiars. The scars of this servitude still show in the relative weakness and dull wits of the Felar. They are renowned, however, for their agility and their "nine lives". It is said a Felar can withstand blows in battle (or from an angry master) that would kill a human outright. Felar is both the male and plural term, and Fela refers to a single female Felar.

"Felars" is not a word.

The thick fur of the Felar makes them resistent to cold, but also very vulnerable to fire. They also abhor water and are liable to drown in it. Because of their fear of water, they will never travel below its surface for long periods of time, preferring quick trips underwater with lots of time on the surface in between. Despite heavy modification by their former masters, the Felar retain the large claws and fangs of their ancestors. This gives them the ability to inflict extra damage during a fight, but the claws are not fully retractable. With class specific training, Felar can learn to walk unnoticed like other races, but their claws prevent them from sneaking from birth without such training. The Felar are also famed for their street fighting ability. The Felar are not generally very adept with magics, due both their wits and ancient roots, and some of the Felar still resent the mages, anyway. Even in darkness, Felar can see with their infravision.

The wars of freedom were long ago, however, so many younger Felar are willing to forgive and forget, and some have even begun to dabble in the magic that once imprisoned them. Felar tend to be smaller than humans, averaging about 5' in height. They have very muscular builds, though, moreso than would be expected. Fur on Felar can run from almost none to 90% of their body covered. Their colorings vary.

Felar may only dual wield their claws as a second weapon, and cannot use the cross skill with any usefulness. Because of their nimbleness and agility, Felar can also get free claw attacks while wielding two handed weapons.

Felar Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Felar suffer from Hydrophobia and have difficulty diving underwater.


Felar gain Hand to Hand at 100%.

Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 250

Felar may become Warriors, Thieves, Rangers, Assassins, Anti-Paladins, or with certain restrictions, Shapeshifters. They may be of any ethos and alignment.