Carrion Fields


Gnomes are a race of small, wiry, but tough creatures. They live a very long time and accumulate much wisdom. They are resistant to poisons, but they are vulnerable to bashing because of their small size. Gnomes can see in the dark with infravision. Gnomes, due to their large stock of wisdom, always stay neutral, else they will lose their spells and are frowned upon. Surface gnomes are the smallest of the races of Thera, averaging just 3' in height. Their coloring ranges from a pale gray to a light brown.

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Gnomes gain Lore and Identify at 100%.


Experience Penalty: 300

Gnomes may become Warriors, Thieves, Transmuters, Invokers, Conjurers, Druids, Shapeshifters, Rangers, and Healers.