Carrion Fields


Half-elves are a cross-breed between a human and any of the three pure races of elves. They are not quite as astute and wise as pure elves but tend to be more sturdy and strong. Like pure elves, half-elves see in the dark with infravision. Depending on their parents, a half-elf is usually anywhere from 5'6" to 6'4", and their more slender builds are characteristic of their elven blood. Their skin tones vary, reflecting their heritage on both sides. Unlike elves, half-elves are able to grow facial hair.

Their blood leaves them vulnerable to metals forbidden to their elven ancestors; descendants of high elves and wood elves cannot handle iron, and those of drowish descent will be burned by mithril. Because of their mixed lineage, though, they are only half as vulnerable as their elven parent. Furthermore, they are able to hold and sacrifice (but not wear) items of these metals where full-blood elves cannot.

Half-elves and half-drow move quietly in natural terrain.

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Half-drow increase their maximum possible value in the prime stat of their chosen class.

Warriors may choose their prime stat and gain +3 in it, with the exception of Dexterity for half-elves, not half-drow, which yields +1 Strength and +2 Dexterity as a result.


Experience Penalty: 0

Half-drow of any heritage may be of any alignment and any class but Berserker. Their beliefs and training often reflect the culture in which they are raised.