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Just like all edges, each of these may have its own set of prerequisites. 
This is simply a list of edges that certain members of the shapeshifter
class may be able to choose if all of the prerequisites are met. Some
of these edges might also be available to other classes. Please do not 
pray/complain if your character does not see some part of this list, as it 
is by design that you will only see edges listed that you meet all of the 
prerequisites for and therefore may choose. 

See HELP EDGES for more details. 
See HELP <name of edge> for more information on a specific edge.

Roll the Bones
Spin the Wheel
Contorting Metamorphosis
Healing Metamorphosis
Enlivening Adept
Master Enlivener
Girded Metamorphosis
Gestalt Metamorphosis
Veins of Venom
Eater of Plagues
Survival of the Fittest
Fortitude of the Crab
Fortitude of the Rhino
Fortitude of the Crocodile
Extended Greater Enlivens
Abbreviated Greater Enlivens
Muscle Memory
Go For the Throat
Tearing Jaws
Bloody Pecker
Ricochet Skin
Potent Transformation
Deft Transformation
Healthy Transformation
Lesser Form Ferocity
Lesser Form Hardening
Flight of the Prey
Cooshee Form
Pseudodragon Form
Hook Horror Form
Cave Fisher Form