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FORMS (681)

syntax:  forms

Forms displays the forms a shapeshifter knows how to shapeshift into.
They become more skilled at these forms by doing those things these
forms do best.  The different level of skill in a form are Clumsy, Adequate, 
Competent, Skilled, Confident.

It is rumored that there exist some forms which are far more powerful than
the norm.  It is more strongly rumored that the best way not to gain one 
of these forms is to ask the Gods for one.

Shapeshifters gain their forms based on their level in the guild and whether 
it is a form in their major or minor focus.  

       |   Major   |   Minor   |
Tier 1 | Lvl 42-44 | Lvl 47-48 |
Tier 2 | Lvl 28-30 | Lvl 31-33 |
Tier 3 | Lvl 20-22 | Lvl 23-25 |
Tier 4 | Lvl 14-16 |    N/A    |