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Gaspare Gnazzo was a self-loathing poet, a lich, an Emperor, and a damned
servant of the Prince of Darkness. But all of these envied and reviled
titles meant nothing to him, for above all, he was a lover. All else was
merely incidental to his Love and Passion. His muse, his dead beloved, was
as distant and beautiful as the North Star in the night sky. But, oh, what
a beautiful and terrible path she lit for him.

Those who seek out Gaspare as their patron believe obsessions make life
worth living. They focus their obsessions on their own, unique muses, be
they real or imaginary, living or dead. All other things, including health
and sanity, they regard as irrelevant.

But this is a small price to pay in their view, for they know that obsession
fueled by love or hatred can transform an unremarkable failure into something
grand and majestic. But one's obsession must be pursued faithfully,
unflinchingly, and without compromise. An adherent of the Burning Heart
explores the resulting (and often extreme) highs and lows through any form
of artistic Creation.

Those who prove themselves particularly focused and artistic may be invited
by Gaspare to take up residence at his Collegio. Some of the strictest
Lightwalkers - paladins and those of the Fortress, for instance - will not
be able to relentlessly pursue their obsessions to the degree that Gaspare

Shamans of Gaspare are known to use the gifts of Demonspawn, Divine Anger,
Hell's Pact, Revelation, and Venoms.

Artists who seek the Collegio will find it near the calm harbor of
a ruined city in the embrace of Insanity.