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Some say Loss is something to avoid at all costs.  Followers of Rahsael
would beg to differ.

Loss inspires bitter fear and pain, dread and horror.  It can break hearts
and devastate the Spirit.  But Loss can also evoke sweetness, like the memory
of a dead lover.  It can teach lessons and bring clarity.  It can increase the
value of artifacts and knowledge by sealing them away from all but those
devoted or lucky enough to rediscover them.

Rahsael is the God of Loss and Secrets.  His age and origin are unknown.
His worshipers understand that while Loss is painful, it is also a blessing
that should be accepted and carried, not alleviated.  They may cause or allow
friends to experience Loss, just as they might wield Loss against foes.  Those
dealing with Rahsael or His followers would be wise to expect any gifts to
come with hidden costs.

Rahsael welcomes worthy followers of any alignment and ethos into His sacred
Mysteries.  There are three known Aspects to the God of Loss:

    - The Child knows fear and wonder in equal parts.  He is prone to wander,
      get into trouble, and see things that others might miss.

    - The Mourner nurtures and counsels those wounded by Loss.  She seeks
      meaning or significance in unpleasant events.

    - The Monster . . .

Paladins following Rahsael may experience conflicts with their code.
His shamans may seek powers of the Breaker, Pain, Revelation, and Vengeance.
Healers, devoted to preventing Loss, are not welcome.

Those who seek His holy place are said to brave black and stormy waters to
push beyond the limits of Despair.