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NALASUL (3650)

In the long history of Thera many adventurers have come and gone, 
achieving great fame, amassing great fortunes, becoming accomplished 
tacticians and leaving piles of corpses in their wake.  From Nalasul's 
perspective they have also been, for the most part, interminably boring.  
And, to her, that's definitely the worst thing to be.

A minor deity existing for eons on the fringes of the Theran pantheon, 
only in recent times has Nalasul chosen to reveal herself to mortals and 
deign to accept followers.  Ill-equipped to contend directly with the 
elder gods, she has survived for millennia through deception, 
manipulation, stealth and treachery.  Her mortal followers are similarly 
inclined, having both the skill and inclination to survive on their wits 
and wiles instead of mere physical strength or magical prowess.

Born under the spheres of Concealment, Deception and Wisdom, Nalasul's 
followers are rogues, spies, assassins, gamblers, and confidence men, 
though certain others have on occasion proven interesting enough to 
merit her attention.  Regardless of their profession, these men and 
women intuitively grasp how to "bend" the truth, shaping it into 
whatever form is most advantageous in a given situation.  They are not 
pathological liars, however, and recognize that the truth, artfully 
deployed, can be as effective as any lie.

To follow Nalasul is to walk a dangerous tightrope, for the Goddess is 
as capricious as she is deadly.  Mortals in general, including those who 
count themselves among her followers, exist chiefly to satisfy her 
whims, and their lives are as nothing to her.  Disrespecting her or 
otherwise becoming the object of her anger is likely to be extremely 
hazardous to one's health.

Those with pure hearts and a strong moral compass will find it very 
difficult to serve the goddess without compromising their beliefs, but 
the exceptional few might prove capable of threading that needle.  
Paladins, however, will find it impossible to reconcile their devotion 
to Nalasul with the demands of their code given its slavish insistence 
on honesty and self-sacrifice.

Those seeking Nalasul should first conduct themselves in a manner 
deserving of her attention.  Having done so, they may seek an audience 
at her temple, which is concealed near a place of darkness in the east.

Shamans empowered by Nalasul may receive the paths of Pain, Anarchy, 
Venoms and the Breaker.