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AYLOSI (3642)

Aylosi seeks the destruction of what is, to bring what should be.  She loathes
the order and constraints placed upon magic and life.  She views it as a 
hindrance, holding back magic and the true essence of all things.  She is a
goddess of the unpredictable wind, often whispering into the ears of those
who interest her in some way.  Plotting and scheming are constant in her 
mind and her priests have begun to appear throughout the lands, doing their
part to bring her vision into reality.

Magic is feared for good reason, the misguided will be purged in the world
Aylosi envisions, allowing new more potent life to prosper.  Those who do not
wield magic and seek to follow her are welcome, though she insists they
embrace magic and all it has to offer them in their efforts.  She will not 
tolerate those who would destroy magic and in effect her own being, her 
priests are expected to hunt her enemies with vigor, always.

Death is an inevitable thing and is something the fae goddess embraces as
a requirement for the rebirth of the world.  She despises those who fear death
or are unwilling to die for their cause.  Death is something all of her priests 
must come to accept, dealing death and receiving it.

Her followers are instructed in embracing chaos in all its forms, learning to 
make use of it and adapt to it.  Chaos is not a hindrance as most have come to
see it, it is an opportunity to grasp and seize.  In time, her followers have 
been known to become one with chaos, learning to weave and ebb in any situation 
like the wind.  Narrow minded, orderly individuals and most followers of light
have no hope of understanding her teachings and thus should avoid her shrine 
unless they desire a terrible fate.

She is said to accept prayers from would-be followers deep within a forest
full of mist and magic.

Those born under the stars of the Death, Magic and Chaos are her favored 
priests.  Shamans imbued with her power are known to receive gifts such as 
Revelation, Venoms, Pain and Desolation.