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EINOH (3648)

Every person with any concern for morality sits back at times, imagining
incidents in their past, wondering if they did the right thing. A simple thing
to ponder, but a difficult thing to solve. What is the right thing? Is there
evil lurking in what otherwise appear to be benign actions?

There is no definite solution to goodness, but the struggle to be good is
the most worthwhile goal any soul can aspire to. It is through the faculty
of reason and the unerring tendency to question yourself, to question your
every choice, that introspection will yield to worthwhile revelations. But
the things we learn can be painful, inconvenient, unpleasant to others,
alienating, and can lead us to see things in a light that the rest of the world
would reject.

Conveniently, popularity is not the goal. Goodness is. Often thoughtful,
sincere, meditative, and contemplative, followers of Einoh recognize the
importance of every choice made in life as well as what it says about the
chooser. By finding your faults, you can heal them. By finding evil, you can
remove it. And as you heal yourself, you can heal others. While numerous
pitfalls in life may bring the holy low, those who worship Einoh believe that
with proper reasoning these can be considered, answered, and avoided.

Considering how picky Einoh is regarding his own follower's choices, it should
come to no surprise that only individuals deeply concerned with morality and
goodness have any success in following him. They are born under the signs of
Reason, Healing, or Revelation/Divination.

Shaman who worship him can find the paths of Seraph's Wing, The Archon's Choir,
Life's Champion, and Revelation available to them.

Those willing to brave the torments of an introspective soul, or those simply
seeking to find their own virtue can search for Einoh's path near a meadow,
far to the north.