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Combining skills of crafting weapons, armor, and other objects with schooling
in the magic of enchantment, the Enchanter is a hybrid warrior mage and
craftsman.  A result of the magical influence on cultural development and
investment in producing useful goods, the Enchanters Guild provides resources
such as raw materials and laboratories so that its members can create their
unique wares.  Some Enchanters are drawn more to magical endeavors and take
the path of the Alchemist, producing magical stones, potions, and wands. Those
with a greater interest in mechanical items take the path of the Artificer,
who can fabricate powerful golems, forge weapons and armor, and pen a variety
of scrolls.  With either path, the Enchanter is at home in the laboratory or
forge, but equally used to exploring to recover raw materials suitable for

The prime stat of an Enchanter is Wisdom, as the process of creation requires
great insight into how material objects and magic might be integrated.  Some of
their abilities include: Animate Weapon, Magnetic Shield, Lithomancy, Mana Trap,
and Ward.

Humans, Half-Elves, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes can become Enchanters; Elves,
Dwarves, and Gnomes receive racial bonuses in some of the occupational skills.

NOTE: Enchanters are still in development and not available to the general
populace. Some beta testing will occur in-game.