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From the dusty tomes of the ancients:

"Entropy, the Barons of Chaos, strives to bring Thera to its natural state--the
state that runs contrary to a civilization dedicated to the manipulation of its 
members. Organized Society, Law, and Order are constructs of that civilization 
which force us against our better judgement and instinct. The menagerie of life 
should be filled with the randomness that allows one to achieve the goals 
individually set by the true authorities in life: your own self, the Gods, and 
Chaos itself. Not allowing the phony structure and precepts of others to dominate 
and dissuade us from our chosen path gives us the freedom to act as we desire. 
There is beauty and horror within the maelstrom; it is what we cherish above all 
and fear the most. It is what the Barons of Chaos live for, to cause, preserve, 
and possess within our souls. Unexpected, confused, random chance is used for 
various purposes by the Barons, but we all do it for Chaos."

In its current incarnation, the Barons of Entropy have focused their efforts 
through the use of Chaos Magic. Only mages of the appropriate ethos might receive
the gifts of the cabal: transmuters, shapeshifters, invokers, necromancers, and

Entropy is gaining its powers progressively, now including:

Level 20 - disperse
Level 28 - randomizer
Level 30 - mirror (smudged)
Level 38 - improbability tunnel
Level 40 - garble