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Life follows a plan. To mortals this plan is not always apparent, but it is 
always present. Some people refer to this plan as the cycle of life while 
others call it natural order. This process is what causes the grass to get 
eaten by the hare which in turn feeds the coyote. In the time before the 
known ages, an ancient god by the name of Ergush tended this cycle. After 
years of nurturing this cycle, Lord Ergush took to slumber with a smile 
on his feline face. Ages of life came and went, far beyond a time he had 
divined. Somewhere after that point the mortals of Thera began to try and 
tame this natural order. Building cities where verdant forests should be, 
slaying each other for no reason beyond want of simple trinket. These 
atrocities caused Ergush to awaken once again to tend to his creation and 
place it back on course. 

Lord Ergush was once the diviner of the pantheon of ancient beings that 
controlled the fates of Thera. Ergush spent ages alone just learning to 
understand the mysterious force that drives mortals to action and choice. 
Followers of Ergush understand that this spirit is not something that is 
easily understood and can spend their lifetime trying to divine what it is and 
from where it comes. They also know that this force must be protected if life 
is going to continue and thrive in the world. 

Lord Ergush is a quirky spirit, often trying to scare mortals with pranks. He 
is also very proud of himself and the things he does. He shuns the idea of 
being depressed or melancholy as these feelings suppress the true, unchained 
spirit of beings. Mortals that whine about fairness and injustice will find 
themselves at the tips of his claws and spear. Ergush expects his followers 
to be proud of themselves in all actions. 

While mostly light-hearted, Lord Ergush is no stranger to fury. Those that 
seek to spread civilization and the laws of mortals, those of the tribunal 
and empire namely, will find only the unbridled anger of the storms directed 
at them, for those ideals directly seek to snuff out everything that Ergush 
holds dear. His ire can rise as fast as a storm surge ahead of a hurricane, 
and fall again just as fast. His followers understand the need to be fluid 
in emotion as the situation calls for it. 

Those who seek to protect the process of life by any means are welcomed to 
pray to Ergush, and can find his shrine near an untouched forest. 

Ergush grants the powers of Desolation, Venoms, Revelation, Life's Champion, 
and Divine Anger to shamans who follow his teachings.