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Loss is the fear of every lover, and the horror of every parent and child.  It
is the chorus of sobs in the cemetery.  It is the cold numbness that grips
a navigator when his guiding stars vanish behind the clouds.

But Loss is also an old friend, a teacher and a spice of life.  It is the
bittersweet memory of a dead lover.  It is the missing finger that taught its
owner a lesson.  It is the dust gathered upon treasures in forgotten ruins.
It is the risk that exhilarates explorers and gamblers.  All are driven by
Loss -- either the fear of it or the pain it leaves.

Rahsael is the patron of Loss and the Lost, and a god of secrets.  Explorers
sacrifice in His name before a treacherous journey, and mourners beseech Him
to ease their grief.  Parents pray to Him to ensure their missing children 
wander in safety, for they know better than to ask Him to return them home.

Rahsael's true worshipers understand that Loss is an unwelcome blessing that
must at times be bestowed upon friends, just as it can be a weapon to wield
against foes.  Loss comes in many forms, but is at its core a function of 
Concealment and Time.  In a sense, Loss begins where knowledge ends.

The Spirit and Loss give one another meaning.  Loss reveals truths about the
Spirit's yearnings.  Meanwhile, the Spirit -- the very spark of our ephemeral
lives -- is itself Fated to be lost.  Coming to terms with this eventuality is
what lends meaning to life.  Rahsael offers to reveal this meaning to those
who devote themselves fully to His secret rites and sacred mysteries.

Devotees of Rahsael are not inherently good nor evil, orderly nor chaotic.
Loss wears many faces; followers might include somber philosophers, bitter
mourners or playful tricksters.  But all must be comfortable with sometimes
causing or allowing profound loss to happen -- even to themselves and friends.

For this reason, Paladins will have a difficult time reconciling their code
with the Rahsael's teachings.  Their worship of the God of Loss is likely to
be particularly painful and fraught with terrible decisions and serious
consequences.  Healers, meanwhile, are not granted power by Rahsael, as their
entirety of their training is devoted to preventing loss.

Shamans of Rahsael are known to wield the powers of Anarchy, the Breaker,
Pain, Revelation, and Vengeance.

Rahsael is an enigmatic god of indeterminate origin.  His cult took first hold
after sailors who shipwrecked on the Sea of Despair returned home decades
later, with gray in their hair and the god's name on their lips.