Carrion Fields

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Throughout the ages great men and women have set themselves apart in the
memories of the masses--whether they were famous or infamous.  The names
of these men and women are uttered in prayers and toasts OR curses and oaths.
Their faces eternalized in statuary or revisited in nightmares.

The followers of Whildur are never found listed along with these legendary
heroes and villains in the histories...but they were there to see the events
surrounding them.  They were there as sidekicks, counselors, advisors,
handmaidens and henchmen.  They were musicians playing in the background,
or balladeers recording events in poetic verse to recount in taverns.

United by the revelation that life can be very rewarding simply by being
malleable and adaptable to the situation, or, "going with the flow,"  Whildur
encourages his followers to change the way they look at life to appreciate
the moment--or do something to change the moment to make it more appreciable.
They recognize that what separates an average person from becoming someone
great is a bit of help, some encouragement, a magical edge, or a stalwart
friend.  Likewise, all that separates a mundane work of art from a
masterpiece is a bit of embellishment or fresh perspective.

Followers of Whildur are drawn to or seek out potential great leaders,
inspiring them to even greater deeds or loftier ambitions.  They do not
seek the limelight of leadership, but instead consider that responsibility
too much of a burden.  Some object to the burden because they understand the
true secret of life is making the best of, and finding joy in whatever
situation one might find themselves in...others would be dismayed should they
be distracted from focus on some personal ambition or goal.  Either way,
when the world has its eyes focused on the person next to you, all manner
of opportunities present themselves to a steadfast sidekick with open eyes
and quick wit.

Most importantly, they play this role willingly and enthusiastically,
believing life is far more fun and profitable--and often less boring--when
you're comfortably in second place.

Those seeking Lord Whildur's ear or wit should look and listen for a
cascading waterfall in a darker part of the forest and be careful not
to track mud into the Rhymery proper.

Though rare, Shaman gifted with a bit of Whildur's whonder draw power
from the paths of Revelation, Vengeance, Demonspawn and Seraph's Wing.