Carrion Fields


In the world of the Carrion Fields, you can leave your reality and enter a mythical world of enchantment and battle. However, when the fantasy ends, reality will always be there to greet us again. In order for Carrion Fields to continue, it takes real people, real computer systems, real Internet bandwidth, and lastly it takes money to support each of our trips into this fantasy land.

As everyone may or may not know, Carrion Fields is a Diku/Merc/ROM derivative and we are bound by their licensing and will never charge our players to play. However, from time to time we have had to solicit our players to help us fund the costs of running the systems required to maintain our Internet presence.

The Carrion Fields has survived for over a decade with a combination of player and immortal support. The immortals have pledged to keep Carrion Fields around as long as our players will allow. When you head off to your favorite computer store for the latest game and pay your $50.00, remember us and the fact that we will still be here when you've gotten bored of that game.

If you'd like to help us remain online, we will gladly welcome your support. We have several ways to make a donation to help us remain online and pay our monthly bills:

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Donate online with a credit card using PayPal, no strings attached. Only a portion of the PayPal shipping and handling fee is to cover the cost of the transaction and is taken out of your donation, so we just get a little less. The more you can donate at once, the smaller the fee, but any little bit helps!

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