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Below is information on some of the major concepts that revolve around building a character in Carrion Fields and becoming familiar with the world of CF. Races, classes, and cabals all have subsequent pages with more information. If you can't find what you need here, please try the Wiki, Forums, or one of the unofficial resources; and of course, you can always ask in-game on the Newbie Channel.

Races Top

Name XP Align Description
Human 0 Any The most populous race. Average stats
Elf 400 Good Very smart & quick, but frail
Half-Elf 0 Any Human/elf mix. Intelligent, fast, and wise
Half-Drow 0 Any Human/drow mix. Intelligent, fast, and wise
Dark-Elf 400 Evil Evil elves, smart and quick
Storm Giant 500 Good Good giants, Strong, smartest of Giants
Cloud Giant 500 Neutral Neutral giants that fly, Strong and Stout
Fire Giant 500 Evil Evil giants. Very strong, stout, very dumb
Arial 300 Any Agile bird-like creatures that fly, smart
Felar 250 Any Modified cats, agile and tough but weakened
Dwarf 250 Good/Neutral Healthy little folk, but not too nimble
Duergar 250 Evil Evil Dwarves, more agile than their cousins
Gnome 300 Neutral Tough little creatures. Wisest race, smart
Svirfnebli 250 Neutral Deep gnomes, strong and very wise
Wood-Elf 400 Neutral Neutral elves, sturdier than their cousins
Orc 100 Evil Evil, destructive, strong, but cowardly
Minotaur 450 Evil/Neutral Very rare, strong and cunning, and fairly dumb
Azure-Touched 300 Good Humans with celestial/angelic ties
Frost Giant 500 Evil Evil giants, reclusive, heartless and strong
Goblin 100 Neutral/Evil Small crafty cousins of orcs, raiders by trade
Saurian 300 Good/Evil Wise lizard-folk with bonds to life or death
* Centaur 500 Good/Neutral Wilderness-loving and nomadic creatures

* Denotes a SEASONAL RACE which cannot be rolled during the majority of the year.

Classes Top

Name Align Description
Warrior Any Weapons specialist
Thief Any Stealthy rogues
Shaman Good/Evil Offensive cleric
Healer Any Defensive cleric
Druid Neutral Nature cleric
Transmuter Any Alteration mage
Shapeshifter Any Shapeshifting mage
Necromancer Evil Undead-master mage
Invoker Any Elemental mage
Conjurer Any Extraplanar mage
Ranger Any Wilderness warrior
Bard Any Musician
Assassin Any Thief/martial artist
Anti-Paladin Evil Unholy warrior/mage
Paladin Good Holy warrior/cleric
Berserker Evil The innate class played by all Orcs
Raider Neutral / Evil Hybrid berserker-thief class played by all Goblins.

Those who are inexperienced with roleplay are advised not to pick paladins, shamans, healers or druids. These priest classes require demanding Empowerment roleplay to achieve their full strength.

Cabals Top

Name Align Ethos Description
Battle Any Any Battleragers, Haters of Magic
Fortress Good Any The Fortress of Light
Herald Any Any Heralds of the Eternal Star
Scion Evil Any Scions of the Eternal Night
Tribunal Any Orderly The Blood Tribunal
Empire Evil Orderly The Empire
Outlander Any Neutral/Chaotic The Outlanders of Thar-Eris


Name Spheres Notes
Azorinne Judgment, Justice, Mercy Spotty availability during the morning and afternoon. Role required.
Baerinika Courage, Combat, Purity, Dedication Gametime days and some evenings. Role Required. Email if you can't catch me
Destuvius Order, Protection, Reason Still spotty hours but far more stable. Note/pray and a little patience
Einoh Reason, Healing, Revelation/Divination Prayer and patience.
Ishuli Dedication, Knowledge, Purity Most days, EXCEPT Wed/Frid/Sat, EST at random times
Joihe Revelation, Passion, Magic, Spirit System daytime. Role strongly preferred.
Morius Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Vanity, Rage, Sloth Most evenings EST
Panmorne War, Combat, Victory Pray or note
Rarywey Death, Water, Poetry Weekday mornings game time until further notice.
Rillan Strength, Earth, Vanity PST evenings and early mornings. *Role very highly encouraged.
Whiysdan Courage, Passion, Wisdom Life is chaos right now. I'm around a bit here and there. I prefer pray or note.

This list may be out of date. Please see the WIZLIST in game for a more current list.

Dormant ReligionsTop

Name Spheres Notes
Scarabaeus Purity, Truth, Destruction Dormant
Rotwang Envy, Covetousness, Rage Dormant
Twist Magic, Honesty send an email is your best bet
Jormyr War, Destruction, Para-Elements Dormant
Avderlain Mercy, Judgment, Peace Dormant
Ergush Spirit, Storms, Pride Dormant
Skreenak Anger, Envy, Greed Random through the weekdays. Mostly Morning - Afternoon EST. Note if you are struggling to reach me.

This indicates the immortal in question is not actively accepting followers or empowering followers. Your chance of interaction is VERY limited.

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