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Though the true origins of this race of bird-creatures have been lost to history (likely due to the scarcity of written Arial historical documents regarding their origin) their most ancient songs and legends describe them as having descended from the great birds that populated the skies of Thera in the distant past. Due to this avian ancestry, Arials prefer to make their homes and dwellings in high, mountainous locations, somewhat removed from the other races, or 'walkers' as they are called.

Arials range from about 6 to 7 feet, and are slender in build. They are covered in feathers and have wide wings upon their backs that grant them the ability to fly. Their colorations will vary, though the general layout, types, and lengths of their feathers follow a racial pattern. Not all Arials have prominent beaks or talons, but these features of their avian ancestry are present, if somewhat understated, in their entire race.

Arial society has a range of life philosophies that focus on how to live life to the fullest. Many arials live a driven life and are very focused and steadfast in realizing their goals. Others believe that life is too short for anything other than the pursuit of personal freedom and happiness. Often described as aloof and flighty, arials believe that nothing is greater than a life well-lived.

Because they tend towards being lean and muscular, lightning causes intense physical pain to Arials, as it contracts their muscles around their angular bone structure with little else to insulate or cushion the damage. The inherent buoyancy of their feathers and bodies that grant them the ability of flight and make them more at home in the air has the unwelcome side effect of greatly restricting their ability and desire to venture below the surface of the water, and makes them more vulnerable to water-based attacks. Though their wings give them the power of flight, they are equally at home on the ground.

Their lack of patience (most Arials believe that hesitation makes for a wasted life) make them unsuitable for the guildhall of Paladins; most Squires who would follow that path are directed instead to the Shaman or Warrior guild. Those Arials who join the guildhall of Invokers have a natural affinity for air-related magic.

Arial Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Arials suffer from Hydrophobia and have difficulty diving underwater.

Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 300

Arials may become Warriors, Thieves, Assassins, Bards, Transmuters, Invokers, Conjurers, Necromancers, Shapeshifters, Anti-Paladins, Shaman, Healers, Druids and Rangers in a limited capacity.