Carrion Fields


The origins of the centaurs is lost in antiquity. A man (or woman) from the waist up and the body of a horse below, they are the fabulous creatures of legend. According to those legends, the wild race of centaurs once roamed the forests and plains in great numbers, a people known for its love of war and, to a lesser extent, for its careful preservation of lore regarding the natural world. Their intemperance with wine led to many a quick-tempered battle or lust-driven encounter with the world of men, enough so that many were driven into service in the circles of Hell to serve as savage guardians of the dead.

With the growth of civilized nations and ill-fated clashes with the armies of men and Orcs and even Elves, the centaur population declined rapidly and those that remained retreated into the remote wilderness, a remnant to consider its great losses. Now no great tribes roam in dominance of the fields, no great battles are fought with centaur-crafted arrows and spears, and the few that live in the wilderness have adopted a much quieter life.

Today the centaurs have forsaken the wickedness of their pasts and embrace a path of either goodness or neutrality; still being creatures of the wilderness they have no great interest in order. Regarding appearance, they are ruddy or dark-skinned with flowing hair and coats of any natural equestrian coloration. Because of their unique anatomy they can wear shoes on two sets of hooves and armor or adornment on two sets of legs; they can also strap something onto their (equestrian) backs. They are large in size and unlike bipeds are unable to crawl. Because of their unusual upper hip structure they cannot wear belts designed for bipeds. Centaurs can naturally rear up to kick with their front hooves or kick back with their hind legs.

Centaurs hate boats of any kind and will only travel on craft of large size if no other means of transportation is available.

Centaurs are a seasonal race and are only available at certain times of the year.

Notable Heroes

Max Stats
Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 500

Centaurs may be Warriors, Rangers, Druids, Bards, and Shamans.

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