Carrion Fields


Living on high mountains or in small, primitive villages, cloud giants are known for their impartiality regarding the politics of the more populated cities, in turn making them fairly naive and vulnerable to the tricks and guises of the other races. Naturally able to fly (but without wings), these giants are as at home in the air as they are on the ground. Due to their size and toughness, they are resistant to weapons, and possess a natural affinity for the arts of bashing and enhanced damage, enabling them to excel in most forms of combat. Strong leaders, cloud giants are known to have insight into many combat situations, yet will often become perplexed when encountering new or deceptive tactics. In addition to this, their environment has conditioned them against extremes of cold. Indifferent to the wars of light and dark, cloud giants must stay neutral at all times, as an ancient curse has left them god-fearing and vulnerable to the holy and negative powers of the realm. Civilized cloud giants average about 12' in height and are known for their pale complexions and white hair. Because of their long periods of isolation from other races, Cloud giants have very little immunity from most simple diseases, and are quite vulnerable to illnesses that other races would scarcely notice.

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Cloud Giants gain Bash and Enhanced Damage at 100%.

Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 500

Cloud Giants may become Warriors, Rangers, Healers, and Druids.

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