Carrion Fields


Dark-elves are a race of renegade elves who have turned their energy toward evil. They are inherently intelligent but have neglected intellectual studies and become very nimble from years of generations of thievery and mischief. Like elves, dark-elves have infravision and can walk unnoticed. Dark elves must stay evil to cast any spells they might know. Those who turn to good are frowned upon. Dark-elves are burned by the touch of mithril. Dark-elves are of slight build and average 5'6" in height. Their skin is the color of ebony, and their hair has been known to be anything from white/silver to dark-grey.

Due to their magical nature, Dark-elves of most classes are naturally adept with faerie fire.

Arial Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats
Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 400

Dark-Elves may be Warriors, Thieves, Transmuters, Invokers, Necromancers, Conjurers, Assassins, Anti-Paladins, Healers, Shaman, and with certain restrictions, Rangers.