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Among all the predominant races in the world, the High Elves were the firstborn, and are the longest-lived. As such, theirs is a culturally advanced society that even still has changed little from its early days. Their attitudes are predominantly conservative, for a race so long-lived and with such a long history will be naturally resistant to changes. While they likewise hidebound and prejudiced in a paternalistic way, and even though they are kind-hearted and seek to aid and protect others of non-elven races, it is often done so with a feeling of obligation to help those lesser than one's own self. While some elves do overcome these attitudes, they are the exception rather than the rule, for openly expressing such things, particularly with respect to love and marriage, is to invite shunning by one's elven peers.

Despite their prejudicial attitudes, all High Elves revere the Light, and the Gods of the Light, and to do otherwise would be one of the most horrific sins a High Elf could commit. As such, all High Elves must begin as Good- Aligned. The purity of their souls is such that they are more difficult to corrupt with all manner of curses.

Physically, elves are slender and graceful, and taller on average (6'3") than most humans. They possess fair and delicate skin of an unusually fair complexion, and tend towards lighter hair and eye colorations, although some vibrant and brilliant examples are known to occur in rare cases. They are relatively weaker than most races, and the least physically hardy of all, but to humans, this ephemeral grace often makes the High Elves seem exceedingly beautiful. The high elves are almost universally so light of step, that their passage goes unnoticed by those who do not actually lay eyes upon the elf.

Born to live under the sun and sky, the High Elves make their homes in ancient forests, led by royal and noble clans whose lineage extends back as far as anyone can remember. The most well known of these is the Kingdom ruled by the House of Darsylon, for it has had the most dealings and trade with outsiders over the past millenia. Legends handed down among the High Elves claim that the Gods warned them against descending deep into the earth, and laid a curse on them to abhor cold iron for this reason. Whether true or not, no High Elf can stand the physical presence of iron. Even having the metal in proximity causes severe pain and discomfort, and the actual touch of the metal causes physical burns.

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Experience Penalty: 400

Elves can train in any profession, save those that require a different mindset than that of the Light, such as Druid, Anti-Paladin, or Necromancer. In addition, Elven Society does not believe in killing or destruction as an end to itself, and as such they abhor professions that train for this sort of thing exclusively, or with such focus as to be considered so, and thus they cannot train as Assassins or Shamans.