Carrion Fields

Fire Giants

At home within the deep and harsh volcanoes of the realm, the fire giants are known for their cruel dealings with the other races of the realm. Embracing brute strength rather than intelligence, these giants make excellent warriors, preferring all forms of warfare over the subtle hand of diplomacy and trade. Showing true loyalty only to direct blood relations, their temper often leads them to hasty action, guided more by emotion than logic. In addition, their disdain for compassion and disregard for most life has left them little less than unwelcome in most places around the realm, something which many fire giants take pride in.

Due to the conditions of their volcanic homes, they have been tempered against the extremes of fire, making them highly resistant to its effects. However, this has left them vulnerable to extreme cold. Like all giants, their size has made them naturally adept at bashing and producing blows of enhanced damage, while taking little pain from the wounds of weapons. Not as tall as the other civilized giants, these brutes tend to be 10 to 11 feet tall, yet their unrelenting intensity has granted them greater physical fortitude than the others. The complexion of a fire giant is very dark, with some of the race having almost black skin. Nearly all fire giants have dark orange hair over most of their body.

Fire Giant Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Fire Giants gain Bash and Enhanced Damage at 100%.

Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 500

Fire Giants may become Warriors, Anti-Paladins, Shaman, and with certain restrictions, Rangers.

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