Carrion Fields

Frost Giant

Dwelling in the harsh and frozen lands, in mountainous forests and in icy caves, the frost giants are a reclusive and heartless race of massive humanoids. Though not as brutish as their fiery cousins, these giants are not interested in culture or advanced civilization; they are content to live the remote and separationist lives that they do. They survive off the land as hunters and gatherers, warriors and rangers who glory in the snowy wastelands of Thera. Because they are born and raised in the snow, they have acquired a taste for the extreme cold and can in such a setting fashion a blade of pure ice from their fingertips merely by willing it to be so. As such, they make use of fire when necessary but are not hearty against great heat. Because of their focus on their material existence, they are resistant to most weapons.

Taller than some of the giant races, they stand at 15 feet tall. They are muscular but thin, with pale to ivory colored skin and hair that ranges from blue to toe-headed white, with occasional specimens having a pale blond coloration. Their eyes, which allow them to see heat signatures in the cold, range in color.

Frost Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Frost Giants gain Bash and Enhanced Damage at 100%.

Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 500

Frost Giants may be Warriors, Shamans, and Rangers.