Carrion Fields


Small and crafty cousins to the Orc, Goblins are a wily little humanoid race that often dwell in filth with or near Orcs, Hobgoblins, or Bugbears. Weaker than their Orcish relatives, they depend on their small size and speed to overcome their foes. Like their Orcish cousins, they are natural cowards and flee from combat as soon as tides turn against them. Regarding their size, Goblins are shorter than Humans, comparable in height to Gnomes. They are generally thin, with long arms and short legs, and with heads, hands, and feet that would be disproportionately large for Humans of the same height. Their flesh coloration can vary from orange to red, or to a deep reddish-brown; however, the bloodlines of Goblins are often corrupt and may result in strange coloration and deformity. Facially, they have pointed ears, wide mouths, and sharp fangs.

Less hearty than the Orc, Goblins have still built up a general resistance to poison and disease; they are also less effective in strong arming their opponents, preferring to use a bit of stealth to the ways of the Berserker. Quite familiar with the dark stomping grounds of Orcs, Goblins also can see well in the dark. All Goblins are Raiders by trade, and none can advance beyond the rank of 40; they can join an Orc Clan, but they cannot rule. All Goblins are neutral or evil and they hold a great hatred for both Dwarves and Gnomes. Less magical than the Gnomish race, the Goblin weakness against magical damage puts them at a disadvantage against Gnome wizards.

Because of conflicts with neighboring goblin raiders, the city of Galadon has closed its gates to Goblins.

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Experience Penalty: 100

All Goblins are Raiders.