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Minotaurs are large beasts with humanoid bodies and the head and hooves of bulls. Strong but unintelligent, they cannot reproduce among their own kind; every minotaur is male and they can only further the race by polluting the wombs of human females during their violent rites of blood sacrifice and procreation which leads to their rarity in the realm. They are tall and hairy, with sharp and dangerous horns. Their bovine mouths make it difficult for them to speak the Common Tongue.

Due to their size and strength they can shrug off many physical attacks. Because of their obstinate nature and unnatural heritage they are immune to fear and will only retreat from battle if it is strategically sound. All Minotaurs are neutral or evil in alignment. Minotaurs have an inherent ability to gore.

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Notable Heroes

Max Stats
Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 450

Minotaurs may only become Warriors and Shamans.

Note: Minotaur are very rare and sometimes not available during character creation.