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Orcs are taller than humans and often deformed or mis-shapen. Their race was originally crafted by the Dark Gods from fallen Elves as a poor imitation of the Elven race. After generations of inbreeding and corruption, very little of their original Elven heritage remains. Their skin color varies from a pale gray or yellow to dark mottled colors and is often pock-marked or scabrous. Their ears are somewhat pointed like that of Elves but may be blunted or distorted. They are thick-browed and remarkably strong despite having wiry limbs. As with other races, there are variations in appearance among Clans, some being hairless, some with tusks, etc. Orcs are cunning but woefully stupid, strong but cowardly, and use pure brute strength in plowing through their opponents. Greed, fear, and rage drive the writhing brain of the Orc. Living together in Clans, only a single Chief can lead the Clan village. A village shaman oversees the selection of the Chief as well as other rituals integral to the culture. See HELP CLANCHIEF for more information regarding the Chief selection process.

Living in squalor since the time of their creation, Orcs have a strong immune system and can eat things that would poison a Human, with no ill affects. They are able to hide within caves, swamplands, and within their own Clan villages. However, as creatures of darkness, Orcs can see clearly without light but are easily damaged by light-based attacks. All Orcs are evil and are too quarrelsome and bestial to ever be orderly in nature. Although they aren't skilled enough to become true pickpockets, Orcs can learn how to steal from one another. Because of their bitter hatred of Elves (and Wood-Elves) they will attack either on sight when berserking and strong enough to do so. Other races, most notably dwarves and elves, are quite hostile to orcs, and might attack them on sight.

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Experience Penalty: 0

Orcs are automatically of the Berserker class.

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