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Saurians are a traditionally seclusive race, native to the swamps of Ysigrath. The majority of these saurians embraced life, living within the K'sra tribe, while the few that embraced death became Sz'weh. Despite these diametrically opposed groups, there were more moderate saurians who dreamed of a better life. Those that did only recently gathered together and set out from Ysigrath, settling just off of the Feanwynn Weald by the Forest Road, making a new home in new marshes.

While those of the newly named Saurian Village are less radical than their predecessors, they retain the same cultural values of all saurians. Saurians value nature, and see the world through a lens of life and death. The majority of saurians focus on life, which they call "Sra", and see all good things as a part of it. The most traditional of these life-loving saurians not only struggle to conceive of the notions of evil and death, but are almost blind to it, while the more moderate saurians recognize it and reject it. Death is a similarly complex concept for the saurians, and they refer to it as "Weh". Evil saurians find affinity in this concept, sometimes seeking to embrace it or spread it while rebelling against "Sra". This duality leads saurians to be good or evil, representing Sra or Weh.

Physically saurians are humanoid lizards, roughly seven feet in height, with features including a tail, clawed three-finger hands, and sharp teeth. Their scale coloration is most commonly gray-green, though it varies by family to match whatever color best blends in with their home environment. Saurians have varying body shapes, from lean and agile to bulky and dense. Due to their time with nature, they are resistant to toxins, though their reptilian biology leaves them vulnerable to the cold.

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Experience Penalty: 300

Saurians may be Warriors, Rangers, Shamans, Healers, Necromancers, Anti-Paladins, Invokers, Transmuters, and Shapeshifters.