Carrion Fields


Housing themselves in cities deep within the oceans or on or around the realm's lakes and rivers, storm giants have developed a keen empathy for the troubles and trials of man. This empathy has placed in them a strong sense of loyalty, allowing them to become lifelong allies and companions to even the most uncommon of acquaintances, a common saying within taverns being, 'Once the ally of the giants of blue, their heart and blade shall ever stay true.' While often referred to as 'Gentlekind', these giants should by no means be taken for granted. Often thought irrational, storm giants will frequently be impulsive in their decisions for the greater good of a situation, which may often cause friction within their current cause. Participating in rituals of faith and endurance starting in their youth, these pious giants have been known to spend their time in prayer within the eye of a storm, something which has bred into them greater fortitude against lightning.

As with all giants, their size grants them excellent understanding of both bashing and enhanced damage, while imparting them with a resistance to the blows of normal weaponry. Averaging nearly 13' in height, they are the tallest of the more civilized giant races, though the conditions of their development within the realm's waters has led them to not be as strong. Storm giants tend to have bluish or green skin and hair.

Storm Giant Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Storm Giants gain Bash and Enhanced Damage at 100%.

Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 500

Storm Giants may become Warriors, Paladins, Shamans, Healers, and with certain restrictions, Rangers.

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