Carrion Fields


The Svirfnebli, also known as deep gnomes, have made their way into Thera as the paths to the Underdark have been found. Slighty larger than their surface cousins, these gnomes are also stronger and a little more hearty from centuries of working stone. The dedication to stone has made them not quite as adept mentally as their cousins, but yet they are still regarded as very wise. With their singular dedication to the stone, a svirfneblin must be neutral in all aspects of their lives. They have the same ability in learning the powers of items as their surface cousins, and have learned to see the invisible. Svirfnebli are slightly taller than their surface cousins, but still only average 3'6" in height. They share the vulnerability to blunt attacks with Gnomes, and resistance to poison, and also have a high resistance to magic and disease. Unlike other Underdark races, these folk tend to be very pale. Their color ranges from light gray to a pale white.

Svirfnebli Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats
Inherent Abilities

Experience Penalty: 250

Svirfnebli may become Conjurers, Healers, Invokers, Rangers, Shapreshifters, Thieves, Transmuters, and Warriors.