Carrion Fields


Wood-elves broke off from the high elves long ago and chose to linger in the twilight of the woods instead of honing their minds and gaining the magical skill of the high elves. They have gradually changed from their high-elven roots and are now slightly stronger and heartier than high elves or dark-elves. Instead of following the pure morality of the high-elves, the wood-elves have become concerned with balance, with the cycles of nature, the fragility of life, the inevitability of death. Wood-elves prefer nature over magic and generally find themselves feeling out of place in cities and towns. Their coloring can vary considerably, almost as much as humans, but most wood-elves have light brown hair and ivory skin (a shade darker than the fair skin of high elves). Due to their many years in the wilds, wood-elves can walk quietly there, although not so quietly as other elves. Like high-elves, though, wood-elves are burned by the touch of iron and may see in the dark with infravision. Wood-elves must stay balanced, or neutral, in their morality and have chaotic tendencies.

Wood-elves are naturally adept at a number of nature-oriented skills if their class normally receives them. These include but are not limited to Camouflage, Fashion Staff, and Entangle. These skills will either be easier to learn or will work better for wood-elves.

Wood-Elf Drawing

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Experience Penalty: 400

Wood-elves may be Warriors, Rangers, Druids, Bards, and Healers.