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As assassins progress in prowess in the unarmed arts, they are trained to
deliver increasingly advanced kicks.  Useful not only for dealing solid
blows, they can provide ways for a skilled practicioner to take their foe
off balance or perform other useful combat feats.

Kick:              Level:  Prerequisite:
-----              ------  -------------
Wheel Kick            1         None
Sweep Kick            6    91% wheel kick
Side Kick            11    91% sweep kick
Scissor Kick         16    91% side kick
Mule Kick            21    91% scissor kick
Crescent Kick        26    91% mule kick
Axe Kick             31    91% crescent kick
Mountain Storm Kick  36    91% axe kick
Double Spin Kick     41    91% mountain storm kick
Rising Phoenix Kick  46    91% double spin kick

See also: ASSASSIN
and helpfiles for the individual kicks.