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The Outlanders of Thar-Eris are a motley crew of wildmen, brigands,
barbarians, and freedom fighters who seek to spell the end of the pox
civilization has brought upon the world.  Those who heed the call of
Thar-Eris walk many paths, from the cunning outlaw to the wily trickster
to the contemplative naturalist.  None, however, follow the orderly path,
and those too closely linked to civilization or who wreak havoc upon the
earth are hunted or shunned.  As such, azure-touched, dwarves, the 
duergars, minotaurs, orcs, goblins, paladins, anti-paladins, conjurers,
and necromancers are not welcome to serve Thar-Eris, and some are 
even sought as prey among the Outlanders' most cunning hunters.

Power:                Level:    Good      Neutral     Evil
Skin                  11-17     X         X           X 
Harvest               11-17     X         X           X
Windwalk              11-20     X         X           X
Strengthen            17-27     X         X           X
Bioempathy            15-25     X
Feral Rage            15-25               X
Ignite                15-25                           X
Trepidation           19-29     X         X           X
Chameleon             23-33     X         X           X
Beast Call            25-35     X         X
Subvert               25-35               X           X  
Preservation          28-38     X
Vandalize             33                              X
Deadfall              30-40     X         X           X

For more information, also see: 'OUTLANDER HISTORY'