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Baerinika the Pure 

There is a certain nobility in the art of combat and in the fight for 
a righteous cause. Many find their soul's true home in the rush that 
comes with a hunt and in the savage triumph that is felt in defeating a 
worthy and wicked foe. In these victories the virtue of a courageous, 
pure soul is proven. Combat at its most untainted form is something 
none should shy from, something that the cowardly never feel the 
thrill of, a fulfillment that the weak never find within their souls. 

The elven maiden Baerinika embodies the virtues in fighting for one's 
beliefs, triumphing over enemies and spilling life's blood to prove the 
victor. They call her the Spirit of the Jaguar, for she is legendary 
for the bite of her spear and for the speed at which she pounces. She 
resides in an ancient ruin deep within a misty jungle, where runic 
magic is said to pulse within the very walls of her haven. A woman 
of purity and nobility of spirit, she is often thought of as barbaric 
by those who feel the wrath of her holy spear and as righteous to those 
whom she considers comrades. 

Thera is constantly besieged by wretched forces that strive to overcome 
and make a permanent mark upon the realm. Followers of Baerinika take 
a harsh stance against these threats that taint their homes and lives. 
They make a firm, final and bloody stand against these things that 
threaten their beliefs. Fighting is the only way they believe that 
they will overcome and vanquish these threats. Courage to stand and 
fight for one's beliefs is paramount to Baerinika's faith. There is no 
compromise in her religion; there is only purity of purpose, integrity 
of spirit, and strength of arms. 

Those who follow the path marked by the jaguar's bite tend towards the 
light. Purity in righteous wrath holds favor with Baerinika, as she 
views those of dark heart as being selfish and without cause to strengthen 
the conviction of their fight. Those of the dark way who present 
themselves before the maiden will likely find themselves impaled upon her 
white spear.