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Syntax: password <old-password> <new-password>

PASSWORD changes your character's password.  The first argument must be
  your old password.  The second argument is your new password.
If you have a null password (if you can just press return at the 
  Password: line) then use null for your old password.  ie
  'password null fr3bui'    (or whatever you want your new password to be)
Change your password if you even suspect someone else may have found it 
The PASSWORD command is protected against being snooped or logged. 

It is recommended to change your password periodically, AND to choose a
  password that is not guessable.  Such a password would be a string of
  alphanumeric characters containing both letters and numbers in it.  A
  suitable example might be 'mail23maan'.  Guessable passwords would be
  things like your first/last name.  It's also been noted that people who
  use MUD clients with autologin scripts and/or write their passwords down
  on a piece of paper near their computer get their characters hacked
  often.  Also, NEVER EVER tell anyone your password.  The Immortals can't 
  read your passwords and have no use for them.

Don't expect the Immortals to be terribly sympathetic if a sibling/roommate/
  friend logs in a character of yours and changes your password.  The
  integrity of your password(s) is your responsibility.  Finally, for
  these same reasons, if you can't remember your password, your character
  is lost until you remember it or it autodeletes (about 30 days later).