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Syntax: train <str int wis dex con hp mana mv>
        train <str int wis dex con hp mana mv> <object>

TRAIN increases one of your attributes.  When you start the game, your
character has standard attributes based on your class, and several initial
training sessions.  You can increase your attributes by using these
sessions at a trainer or certain guildmasters (there are several in Thera,
including one in most major cities).  The Academy guild leaders are useful
for this from levels 1-5.

You may train at a trainer (such as at the Training Yard in Galadon) or
with a guildmaster.

It takes one training session to improve an attribute, or to increase hit
points (hp) by 10.  One training session can also increase maximum mana by
15, or maximum movement (mv) by 25.  You receive one session every five

At level 10 and below you can train for free.  Above level 10 you must pay
for the trainer's services.  Training hp, mana, or mv is more expensive
than training your attributes.  Training in your hometown is slightly
cheaper than training elsewhere.

You may also attempt to barter an object of value for the session.

The best attributes to train first are WIS and CON.  WIS gives you more
practice sessions when you gain a level;  CON gives you more hit points. In
the long run, your character will be most powerful if you train WIS and CON
both to their maxes before training anything else.  Keeping your INT
maximized helps you learn your skills, spells, songs, or supplications