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PARRY (509)

Syntax: Automatic Skill

If at first you fail to dodge, block it.  Parry is useful for deflecting
attacks, and is successful more often than DODGE.  Parry requires a weapon
for full success, though certain classes who are very skilled in hand-to
hand combat may parry even without a weapon.  The best chance of parrying
occurs when the defender is skilled in both his and his opponent's weapon
type.  Also, the type of weapon you are using versus the type your opponent
is using will play a significant part (don't try to parry an axe with your
dagger, etc.).

Especially heavy weapons are somewhat more challenging to parry, as are
the natural attacks of very large and powerful monsters such as dragons.
This effect is slightly larger if the defender's weapon is much lighter.

If you do not have the parry skill, you may parry attacks on rare occasions,
but your ability will be inferior to that of one who does have the skill.

It will not improve past 80% until you are at least level 15.

Order of defenses: Distance, Spin, Evade, Parry, Shield Block, Dodge