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Breaking any of these rules may result in loss of equipment, deaths, deletion,
and/or other consequences, at the discretion of the staff.  If a term is in
all capital letters, it refers to a more detailed helpfile, e.g. 'help
roleplaying'. If you are in doubt as to the legality of an action, please
pray and ask first.

* ROLEPLAYING is required. All communication between characters is In
Character (IC), including TELLs, NOTEs, etc. See also OOC.

* Do not exploit Out-of-Character (OOC) mechanisms to create an advantage in
the game. This includes cutting link or quitting to avoid consequences.

* Do not give, share, or trade characters or PASSWORDs to other players. Each
character must have only one player from birth until death.

* Using automation to play for you is not permitted. See BOTTING.

* You may only have one character logged in at any given time.

* You may not have two (or more) characters in the same cabal. 

* If you have multiple characters, they therefore cannot meet, and will have
no knowledge of one another. Your characters cannot be family relations,
recommend one another for cabals, both be in the same cabal, etc. See MULTI-

* Do not transfer items or money between your characters.

* If you know another player OOC, treat their character as you would any other.
This disallows having multiple characters 'attached at the hip'. See 

* If you spot a BUG, please notify the staff immediately, and do not exploit 

* Offensive language is prohibited or discouraged, depending on use. See 
LANGUAGE for details. Sexual harassment is not tolerated.

* Do not SPAM.

* Do not advertise or otherwise mention other games.

* Characters created strictly to annoy others will be removed.

* Do not impersonate someone else's character on the Official Forums.

* If a staff member makes a decision regarding rules or gameplay (in person
or otherwise), you are expected to comply with it.

* If you are aware of cheating, please report it to the staff via NOTE, email
(see ADMIN), and/or PRAY.

* If you are playing from a VPN or a proxy, understand that the rules and
comments in `help VPN` apply to you.

* AI Generated material is not welcome (see 'AI text').